January 19, 2018

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Sanitisers - Chlorine/Bromine/Salt

Elm Leisure Pool & Spa Chemicals made simple - Sanitisers

Sanitisers are designed to keep micro organisms and bacteria at bay, allowing you to enjoy the water and play safe in clean water

You can always Email us: web@elmleisure.com or telephone us: 01954 230230 / Freephone 0500 009907 and we will assist you with your enquiries.

Chlorine - Available in 200gram tablets in Multifunction - includes an algicide and flocculant, stabalised chlorine granules for outdoor pools as it is more resistant to UV, or standard 200gram tablets.

The Super shock granular and 100gram supper boost shock tablets to aid with water clarity and should be used at least once a month

Bromine - available as a 200gram tablet for use more commonly on indoor pools or where the swimmer may be alergic to Chlorine. Important Note: you must not mix with chlorine tablets - please consult us if you want to change to Bromine

Salt - Granular salt for use with all types of salt chlorinator units

Zodiac Magna Pool - Special blend of Sodium and Pottasium only for use with Zodiac's Magana Pools system

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