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hot spa tub
Welcome to Elm Leisure, we have teamed up with Caldera spas. Caldera spas are expertly crafted to provide years of carefree performance. Your Caldera Spa is built to be enjoyed every day.
Why so many choose Elm Leisure? When you ask people why:
- 40 years selling spas            
- 40 years of back up             
     - 40 years of chemical knowledge
- 40 years of customer care     
We look to provide you with the best service for an enjoyable experience of spar ownership.  
Come to Elm Leisure and see or wet test our spars. At our show centre we have a fully stocked shop of chemicals for all your spar needs.

Phone for all other spa  prices!
Don't forget we might have our wet test hot tub on offer! Just ask our friendly staff


Welcome to Caldera Spas & Hot Tubs

Ease into the warm, swirling waters of your Caldera® spas hot tubs and instantly feel the transformation begin.

Knots of tension dissolve under the soothing comfort of the exclusive Caldera® hydro-massage jets. Worries and stress disappear.

Caldera Spas® Hot Tubs Benefits

  • Spacious, luxurious hot spa tub loungers provide total relaxation.

  • The top quality acrylic shell which will keep its looks and is reinforced with the Durabond system for ultimate strength and durability.

  • The stainless steel spa jets are expertly positioned for optimum massage effect.

  • A well-positioned foot ridge allows you to sit comfortably and enjoy the powerful massaging jets of the hot tub.

  • The hot spa tub controls are within easy reach and at your fingertips.

  • Eco tech resin wood hot tub cabinets which require no maintenance.

  • Whisper quiet, long-lasting hot tub pumps.

  • High quality heat retention hot tub cover, hinged for easy access helps to keep running costs to a minimum.

  • An illuminated hot tub handrail, available on some models, makes entry and movement within the spa easy.

Why Caldera

When you ask people why, with so many brands to choose from, they selected a Caldera® spa, you'll find their answers can usually be summarized in two simple words: Pure Comfort™.

The hot tub seats are slightly cupped to cradle and caress your body, backs are gently curved, and the hot tub lounge seats are contoured to allow you to totally relax without struggling to resist the effects of buoyancy.

Reach out for the built-in grab rail. It's thoughtfully located to help you get in and out of the luxurious lounge or corner seat. Beneath your head, soft, recessed headrests comfortably cushion you, while the spacious foot-well lets you stretch out without crowding others. In short, you'll feel the comfort of a Caldera® spa from head to toe.

Quality Built, Quality Backed

Since 1976, Caldera® has remained one of the most trusted spa brands in the world. Providing quality products and customer satisfaction is our commitment to you.

Caldera® spas are subjected to many rigorous inspections and quality tests before leaving the factory. Caldra® craftsmen give meticulous attention to every detail in each spa's form, function, fit and finish. With this high level of engineering and construction, it's easy to see why our exceptional International ComfortGuard™ limited warranty is one of the industry's best.

Whatever your needs, there's a Caldera® spa that's just right for you. We offer a wide selection of sizes, shapes, colours and seating designs, as well as varied levels of standard features. Whichever you choose, you can be assured of unsurpassed Comfort, Performance and Style.

Spas Hot Tubs

Aquatic Melodies® Series



hot tubs sale



Imagine your favourite soothing music integrated into the intimate confines of your favourite relaxation getaway - that is the Aquatic Melodies® surround sound system. This system is uniquely designed to deliver superior quality surround sound to every seat in your Aquatic Melodies® Series spa. The convenient retractable waterproof speakers are positioned along the sides of the spa so that nobody is overpowered by any single speaker. A third, "rear" speaker provides an added dimension to your music enjoyment. A separately powered sub-woofer delivers rich, bass tones. Each of the speakers can be rotated up to 330 degrees to ensure that you hear the optimum balance of sound, no matter which seat you are enjoying. You can even position them to provide entertainment for backyard gatherings! At the heart of the Aquatic Melodies® system is a CD-AM/FM stereo receiver that is loaded with state-of-the-art features. The receiver is mounted in the spa's cabinet and protected by an acrylic cover that helps seal out the elements, a convenient remote control mounted inside your spa puts you in total command as the music and massage melt away your cares.


spas hot tubs

hot tubs sale

hot spa tub


Surround Yourself with Music and Massage

The two Aquatic Melodies® Series models other legendary Caldera® comfort, performance and style, along with a special added feature: The exclusive Aquatic Melodies* surround sound system. Unwind with relaxing music and warm, massaging water to end your day on the perfect note.

Utopia Series Hot Tubs



spas hot tubs



The right choice for those who want the ultimate in luxurious hydrotherapy, our Utopia Series models offer an impressive array of deluxe features- including SpaGlo® lighting, Acquarella® waterfall. Atlas® Neck Massage System, air jet system and Monarch® CD ozone system - along with more jets and larger pumps than all other Caldera® spas. Once you've experienced one of these amazing Utopia Series spas it will be the benchmark against which you will measure all others.


hot spa tub
spas hot tubs

hot tubs sale

hot spa tubs

hot tubs sale



Paradise Series Hot Tubs





Tailor your Spa... Our four nicely appointed Paradise Series models give you the flexibility to tailor your spa to your needs with a selection of sizes, colour combinations and options.


spas hot tubs






Highland Series Hot Tubs



hot spa tubs



The Highland Series is a new range, which is a combination of 3 recognizable spa models with a solid but plain basic structure without a lot of frills. It will give you a quality spa with all the Caldera® properties for a moderate budget. A new and very special model is the Aventine®, a spa that will meet the increasing demand for a 2-person limited spa for small gardens or apartment terraces. This Highland Series gives you the opportunity to enhance your lifestyle at a relaxing cost.


spas hot tubs

hot spa tub



Hot Tub Buying Guide/Installation

To provide a stylish, contemporary interior, your Caldera® spa is moulded of acrylic with the look and feel of natural granite. Most hot tub models are also available in up to four premium colours with elegant, smooth surfaces. Each hot tub model features the unique, graceful curves and contours that make Caldera® comfort legendary. The Hot Tub jets are trimmed with high-quality stainless steel to accent the interior appearance. On the outside, the beautifully crafted EcoTech® cabinet provides the rich, natural appearance of real wood in your choice of two colours. This style by design makes your Caldera® spa an enhancement to your home that you'll enjoy for years to come.

Select hot tub models feature our unique SpaGlo® lighting system that elegantly illuminates the water, the Acquarella® waterfall, the grab rail and three sides of the cabinet exterior. Its economical LED lighting gradually changes between six rich, vibrant colours until you stop the cycle at the colour of your choice. You can also select from three levels of brightness to set the mood you desire. You can even set it to turn on for a specified period of time each evening to enhance the view of your spa and provide safer entry.

Select hot tub models feature our unique SpaGlo® lighting system that elegantly illuminates the water, the Acquarella® waterfall, the grab rail and three sides of the cabinet exterior. Its economical LED lighting gradually changes between six rich, vibrant colours until you stop the cycle at the colour of your choice. You can also select from three levels of brightness to set the mood you desire. You can even set it to turn on for a specified period of time each evening to enhance the view of your spa and provide safer entry.

Click Here to Download Our Colour Chart

To make your Caldera® spa a perfect fit to your home entertaining, architecture, and landscaping, you can choose from an array of spa sizes, seating designs, surface colours, and cabinet finishes.

You can also select from a variety of beautiful and functional accessory products to enhance your spa environment. So stop waiting and start relaxing with the many pleasures of your own Caldera® spa. Nothing else increases the enjoyment of your home quite so much.




What do I need to do before the hot tub spa arrives?


The first thing to consider is the spa's location. The area should be free from overhead obstructions and trip hazards but a degree of privacy should also be considered. A sheltered area is probably preferable, especially as exposed sites, subject to wind and rain, can increase the running costs of your spa.

Select the material that is going to surround the spa carefully. For instance, gravel and grass can easily be carried into the spa on the soles of feet.

If the spa is to be located on a concrete slab then a minimum thickness of 4ins (102mm) is required. If it's to be located on raised decking then make sure that any calculations take into account the combined weight of the spa with water and people so that a suitable foundation can be built.

Before the spa arrives check the width of gateways and fences so that there is a clear access route. Watch out for overhanging gutters, tree branches, or power / telephone lines, anything which could obstruct the route or cause possible harm. Take note of steps or steep slopes which can also cause a possible hazard.


What electrical services are required?

All spas need an adequate power supply installed to conform to the 16th Edition of the I.E.E regulations and to Part P as well. All the work must be carried out by a qualified electrician who will issue a certificate to show conformity. The spa will require a suitable fused spur with an isolator and an R.C.C.D of maximum 30 milliamp trip rating. The spa must be either hard wired back to the breaker or wired via a suitable waterproof outdoor connector, providing it conforms to the regulations.

Should the spa be near to a drain?

A nearby drain is important as all Caldera spas come with external drain ports from which to drain the spa. While most water authorities will allow you to discharge into the normal drains it is worth checking if they require you to lower the chemical levels prior to discharging. If draining into a cesspit or septic tank please take care as you do not want the high sanitiser content killing off any beneficial bacteria.

Does the spa water need chemical treatment?

Yes, all spas that keep the water in for longer than a single bathing session must have chemicals applied. The approved sanitizer for your Caldera spa are chlorine in tablet or granular form, bromine or BaquaSpa (p.h.m.b). Any one of these sanitizers will keep the water wholesome if applied in line with the manufacturer's instructions.The water in your spa should be chemically treated and the chemical levels should be kept within the parameters advocated in the BISHTA (45.3KB PDF file size) (British & Irish Spa and Hot Tub Association) guidelines, as these are proven to ensure safe bathing. If your spa is fitted with an Ozonator then it is complimentary to, and not in place of any form of chemical treatment, since the Ozonator does not produce any residual sanitiser to keep the water safe when the pump is turned off. Your Caldera dealer will be able to provide you with further advice on the chemical treatment of your spa.

Does it matter what sort of water I use to fill up the spa?

The water that is used for filling and cleaning the spa should be clear in appearance and be in the pH range of 7.2 - 7.8; have a total hardness of 50 - 400ppm calcium carbonate; and have a Total Dissolved Solids level of less than 1000p.p.m. If in doubt, your local water authority should be able to supply you with this information. If your water comes from a well or borehole then you should ensure that it meets these parameters before filling your spa. The usual method of filling a spa is by a garden hose, this should always be run for several minutes to get rid of any residual water in the hose to prevent the possibility of Legionella entering the spa.

What warranties apply in the UK?

With Caldera you get some of the best warranty terms in the industry. All Aqua Melodies, Utopia and Paradise Series have a ten year no leak warranty on the shell structure, seven years on the surface finish, five years on the plumbing and three years on the heater and the Eco Tech cabinet. All the pumps and switchgear have a two year warranty. Click here to download Our Comfort Guard Warranty (132KB PDF file size)

The Highland series has a three year no leak warranty and two year warranty on the surface finish, internal components such as heater and pumps, plus a two year warranty on the plumbing. Click here to download Our Highland Warranty (284KB PDF file size)

It is worth noting that Caldera has been in existence since 1976 so have been around long enough to up hold these warranties.

Can I wet test my spa?

Undoubtedly yes! all Caldera dealers will be more than happy for you to arrange a suitable time to come in and test your potential new purchase, after all how else are you going to discover the superior massage from the superb hydrotherapy jets?

Are there any proven benefits from having a Caldera Spa?

t is widely recognized that prolonged immersion in warm water coupled with gentle or deep massage offers a measurable health benefit. The ideal bathing session will be around 20 minutes in duration, in water between 36- 38oC. The elevated temperature increases blood circulation thereby giving a mild cardiovascular workout. With the increased temperature, perspiration occurs, thus removing toxins and increasing kidney functions. Caldera is the official Hot Tub sponsor for the American Institute of Stress which in turn endorses the benefits of Caldera spas.

Please note, if you have a medical condition or are using any medication such as beta blockers or Warfarin, medical advice should be sought from your G.P as, while there are undoubtedly numerous quantifiable benefits from spa bathing, there may be a need for some guidance.

What benefit does an air blower give to a spa bathing experience?

Buying a spa with an air blower fitted is a matter of taste, some people find that when the air blower is running the bubbling water is a little over powering. If, however, you are serious about getting the best massage experience in your spa, an air blower giving blown air through the seat of the spa is a must. The water hydrotherapy jets give localized massage whereas the air blower gives a gentle all-over massage.

Do more jets mean a better spa?

Absolutely not! With Caldera the superiority of the massage experience is the combination and quality of jets offering different massage patterns, from the Magna Ssage jet which is a constantly rotating jet giving a soothing stroking massage, through the OrbiSsage which produces a unique, pulsating massage pattern to the Euro jet which is used in the Atlas neck massage system which is the finest neck massage system on the market today.

Use all the jets in the Hot Tub Therapy Circuit and it is just like having your own personal trainer! Simply move from one jet position to another, starting at the mildest and moving on to the deepest most penetrating massage which will really revive those tired aching muscles. Finally, finish off with a mild massage, then lie back and enjoy the water for its warmth and soothing qualities.

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