May 25, 2022

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Basic dosing system (In-line Feeder Chlorine or Bromine tablets)

This type of feeder is entry level and is sporadic at feeding. It will overdose and underdose but with manual input you can achieve satisfactory levels of sanitation and limited in corrosion.

UV Systems

UV systems ensure that your swimming pool water will have amazing clarity, by killing the single cell algae that causes green water. Helps disinfects water efficiently and safely and bound (combined) chlorine is broken down by UV-C light. Protects your pool from germs and keeps the formation of mould, bacteria and algae under control. Prevents the smell of chlorine and irritation to the skin and eyes. Can be used with most other sanitiation systems.

Chlorine feeder (Redox Based System)

The chlorine feeder is a Redox based system which indictes the Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) of the water (sanitation activity) and not directly the quantity of the sanitation present. ORP is an indication of the activity level of the sanitiser and can be used to control a set point to safe guard bathers.  Works well and will keep the pool at 2-3 ppm and the P.H at 7.2 -7.4 with little manual input and limited corrosion .




Chlorine feeder (Open amperometric cell)

Open amperometric cell is relatively easy method of automating the monitoring of the chlorine residual (displayed in ppm) of water sample. Broadly speaking most applications are suited to an open amperometric cell, however, the cells fuctionality depends on a constant flow and pressure accross the sample block. Also, the cells output can be affected by other factors such as combined chlorine, stabilisers and other oxidants. 

Calibration can be required more frequently than closed amperometric options. Please note that circulation must operate on a 24/7 basis when using open amperometric systems.


Daisy System

To find out more about the Daisy system and to learn more about the many benefits click on the pdf link below



Waterco Multicyclone

Waterco’s award-winning MultiCyclone technology uses the most advanced hydro cyclone technology to ensure high water quality and clarity. An Australian innovation, the MultiCyclone is a pre-filtration device, which is designed to capture up to 80 per cent of the incoming dirt load prior to the main filter, which then significantly reduces filter maintenance and saves backwash water – not to mention improving water circulation. Waterco’s MultiCyclone PRO has been specially created for the water treatment sector and has a pressure rating of 690 kPa.

MultiCyclone PRO operates by using centrifugal filtration; incoming water enters 16 hydro cyclones tangentially, generating a strong centrifugal effect. This process draws the unfiltered water into its spinning chamber, which sends sediment to the wall, leaving clean water in the centre. The filtered water then migrates towards the centre of the hydro cyclone, where the flow reverses and spirals upwards through the outlet. Accumulation of sediment can be visibly monitored through the MultiCyclone’s clear sediment chamber.

A MultiCyclone can cut 80 per cent of the dirt that clogs a filter, and it eliminates backwash by up to 40 per cent, extending the life of a filter. The MultiCyclone is also designed to reduce filter maintenance, with no moving parts or media that need to be cleaned or replaced. The installation of a MultiCyclone as a pre-filter to a cartridge filter can reduce filter cartridge cleaning and replacement.

Another major benefit of the system is that only 15 litres of water is required to clean it. Plus it’s easily cleaned by simply opening the purge valve.

The MultiCyclone has been utilised in a vast array of applications from cooling water, water features, aquaculture, koi ponds, aquariums, car and truck wash down water recycling to commercial water filtration.

Other key features of the MultiCyclone Pro include:

  • UV and corrosion proof
  • Hydraulically efficient design
  • 50mm / 1.5" quick fit unions
  • Glass filled reinforced thermoplastic construction
  • Clear poly carbonate sediment chamber
  • Lock ring
  • 25mm / 1” sediment purge valve

To find out how you add a MultiCyclone to your pool and enjoy the many benefits it offers, make sure to email us at:

To find out more about Waterco MultiCyclone and to learn more about the many benefits visit




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