August 19, 2018

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Zodiac FloPro VS 160 Pump


Zodiac FloPro VS 160 Pump


As an essential component of every swimming pool, the pump maintains water quality by recirculating it through filtration system and the water treatment. Following years of research, Zodiac® has developed the intelligent, easy-to-install, environmentally friendly FloProTM VS variable-speed pump. Easy to retrofit using the exclusive FloProTM system, enabling the pump to be installed without modifying the plumbing in most installations. Energy savings... With 100% variable speed, the pump can operate for longer periods during the day, at a lower speed. It works silently, and its energy consumption is reduced by up to 90%, while improving filtration efficiency. In this way, water treatment is optimised. Intelligence... FloProTM VS is compatible with Zodiac® AquaLink® TRi automation for optimised management of the pool and its equipment. Different speeds can be automatically assigned to each function. Thus, FloProTM VS pays for itself in three to four seasons, thanks to energy savings (depending on the local cost per kWh). Variable speed... FloProTM VS can store up to 8 different speeds over a range from 600 RPM to 3450 RPM. This allows different speeds to be selected for each pool function: normal filtration, backwash, heating, cleaning, water features (slide or waterfall), etc.


  • Built in removable time clock and speed controller.
  • Medium-head, high-flow pump in an ultra compact body. Excellent choice for tight equipment areas.
  • Adjustable base options allow for easy replacement of select Hayward®, Pentair®, Sta-Rite®, and Jandy pumps.
  • Ergonomic cam-lock lid with easy alignment indicators.
  • Equipped with 2” unions & 2” internal threads.

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